The Future of Truss Bracing is Here.

TrussLox is a Patented innovation, designed to be superior over traditional methods.

See the TrussLox Spreader Bar in Action!

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Trusslox | Temporary Truss Locking System

Key Features

Safe and Secure
Impact Resistant & Strong
Light Weight & Portable
Saves Time & Money
Labor & Material Savings
Reduces Crane Time
Precision 24” O.C. Design
Truss Locking Technology


Product Downloads

Trusslox | Truss Locking Technology

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Trusslox | Truss Locking Technology

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A Revolutionary Tool Designed to Save Time and Money!

Trusslox - Temporary Truss Bracing System


The World’s Greatest Temporary Truss Bracing System EVER!

TrussLox ~ The most efficient and economical temporary truss bracing system in the world!

The TrussLox System is perfect for contractors and builders who want a lightweight yet high impact truss bracing solution. TrussLox can be put up faster than any other system on the market, reducing crane time and man hours. TrussLox provides built-in locking technology that safely and easily locks trusses 24” on-center every time. Made with impact resistant material, TrussLox will withstand the wear and tear of any job site and can be re-used so there’s no need to spend money on other truss bracing materials.

Our Guarantee:

The TrussLox temporary bracing system will save time, save labor, and save money
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Allen Beranek

Best product I have ever used. This is not only a time saver but it literally took us 45 seconds to set 1 truss and release the cable and head to get another one..... can't really put a price on that kind production.

Trusslox - Temporary Truss Bracing System

Say Goodbye to the old truss bracing methods and start saving time and money with

Trusslox - Temporary Truss Bracing System
Trusslox - Temporary Truss Bracing System

Don’t wait any longer. Get the most reliable and efficient truss bracing system today.

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