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Andy Risland 

 INCREDIBLE!!!! Saved 2 hrs from last set. Crane and man hours=$570 back in my pocket.

1 set paid for 1/2 the investment. We had 42 trusses to set. 2 of which were off set so there was some misc. bracing required, and we had an issue with the common wall trusses which stalled us a total of approx. 15 minutes. With the TrussLox we finished 2 hours faster than the previous set!! I'm building an Apartment building in Baudette, MN. 216' long. We have a tight estimated budget of $3,000.00 just for crane services. I am optimistically waiting to see the savings!

Risland Contracting LLC

Allen Beranek

Best product I have ever used. This is not only a time saver but it literally took us 45 seconds to set 1 truss and release the cable and head to get another one..... can't really put a price on that kind production.

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Proudly made entirely in the USA, TrussLox Temporary Truss Bracing System is designed to secure roof trusses 24" on-center. "For me, it's always been about more than just solving problems. It's been about providing customers with building solutions that are safe, efficient, and economical."

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