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David R Garrett Jr

Time saving, easy to use, lightweight, we use them on everyone of our jobs and have never been disappointed, these save so much time in labor and crane costs that it's ridiculous, they are well worth the money, very well designed, very impressed.

Andy Risland 

 INCREDIBLE!!!! Saved 2 hrs from last set. Crane and man hours=$570 back in my pocket.

1 set paid for 1/2 the investment. We had 42 trusses to set. 2 of which were off set so there was some misc. bracing required, and we had an issue with the common wall trusses which stalled us a total of approx. 15 minutes. With the TrussLox we finished 2 hours faster than the previous set!! I'm building an Apartment building in Baudette, MN. 216' long. We have a tight estimated budget of $3,000.00 just for crane services. I am optimistically waiting to see the savings!

Risland Contracting LLC

Miles Foley

Well worth using! If anything, they understate the awesomeness of them!

Aaron Waller

TrussLox is the most innovative tool I've ever laid hands on!

Allen Beranek

Best product I have ever used. This is not only a time saver but it literally took us 45 seconds to set 1 truss and release the cable and head to get another one..... can't really put a price on that kind production.


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Proudly made entirely in the USA, TrussLox Temporary Truss Bracing System is designed to secure roof trusses 24" on-center. "For me, it's always been about more than just solving problems. It's been about providing customers with building solutions that are safe, efficient, and economical."