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The direction of the front nose portion of the TrussLox Spreader Bar (SB) is a matter of preference. Either directing the front nose toward the stationary truss (or "flying" the SB into the set truss) seems to be the preferred method of use or you can set a truss with the SB attached in the direct to receive the incoming truss, both methods will work.

Yes, the nose of the TrussLox Spreader Bar is beveled so that the side-to-side movement is unrestrained, though the rear shoe should fit snug.

Use discretion to insure minimal deflection. On a typical framing project, TrussLox recommends 10’ to 12’ on-center. 

For Example: on a 20' truss, 2 TrussLox Spreader Bars (SB) are recommended, one of each side of the truss. On a 40' truss, 4 TrussLox SB's are recommended, two on each side of the truss. 

You may remove the TrussLox Spreader Bars upon sheathing placement. If other means of bracing is installed at that point, TrussLox Spreader Bars can be removed and re-bundled with our TrussLox webbed carry strap. The TrussLox Spreader Bars are ready to be reused on your next building project.

TrussLox recommends one (1) TrussLox Spreader Bar (SB) per 25 square feet for a typical truss bracing building (1 SB / 25 sq. ft.). For example: a 2,500 sq. ft. structure will require approximately 100 TrussLox Spreader Bars.

These two holes, located along the top spine of the TrussLox Spreader Bar behind the front nose section and the rear shoe, can be used for additional holding security if needed, as the spreader bar is placed onto the truss and is optional. This method can be useful in a high wind situation where additional strength is needed.

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