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100 Day Dream Home Brian & Mika Kleinschmidt

October 2, 2020

HGTV_logoSM.png  100 Day Dream Home

Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt are a husband-and-wife team from Tampa, Florida, that makes dream homes come true. She's the realtor, he's the developer and together they help clients both design and build the perfect house from the ground up in 100 days or less.

Brian Kleinschmidt, 100 Day Dream Home on HGTV Show

My guys couldn’t believe how quick, easy and safe TrussLox made the truss sets. We use them on every single project and won’t be building anymore houses without them. What a cool and clever product that I recommend for every framing crew to have in their toolbox.

(Photo by Brian Kleinschmidt, Contractor / Developer.)

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