NAHB has named the recipients of the 13th annual NAHB/Builders Mutual Insurance Company Safety Award for Excellence (SAFE) for their commitment to strong safety programs. NAHB acknowledges industry leaders for their commitment for innovation and commitment in construction safety.
The 2018 NAHB / Builders Mutual Insurance Company SAFE Award honors TrussLox LLC of Billings, Montana as first place winner in the category of Innovative Safety Program/Idea of the Year in honor for efforts which have led to a positive impact on workplace safety in the building industry.
A combination of construction labor shortage and tightening OSHA safety regulations prompted one professional framer to design, develop and patent an efficient and safe method to secure trusses during framing.
After exploring traditional wooden blocks, metal bracing and other temporary bracing methods, Steve Ventling, a professional framer since 1976, still couldn’t find a safe and productive method for his construction company, High Plains Construction based in Billings, Montana, to utilize for their framing projects.
With an old adage holding true, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”, Ventling recognized setting trusses can be expensive, dangerous and labor intensive. He set out to design a new method for a temporary, reusable truss bracing system. Through his efforts, TrussLox was born, an innovative hands-free truss bracing method.

TrussLox temporary truss bracing system spreader bar

"TrussLox spreader bars work as a system", said Ventling, "for me, my framing methods have always been more about solving problems and finding building solutions for contractors that are safe, efficient and economical."
A unique, hands-free spreader bar, TrussLox self-sets and secures trusses 24” on-center while workers remain safely tied to the outside walls thus eliminating hazardous labor practices used in traditional methods of setting and securing trusses.

TrussLox works as a system to secure trussesContractors who use TrussLox praise the safety, accuracy, and speed of the bracing system. “TrussLox is the best product I have ever used,” said Allen Beranek, professional contractor in Virginia, “Not only is this system a time saver, TrussLox has increased our production.”
Easy to use, TrussLox is secured onto a truss while on the ground. A crane or lift hoists the truss onto the roof section where TrussLox temporary spreader bar snaps into place (either by “flying” it into a set truss or the set truss receives the spreader bar into place). Used as a system, TrussLox secures the roof trusses until sheeting then are detached and reused on the next project.
Steve Ventling, TrussLox InventorOne contractor calculated his cost savings by reusing the TrussLox System. Andy Risland, Risland Contracting stated, “Using TrussLox, we finished 2 hours faster than the previous project, saving $570.00 on my first set. My company is building an apartment structure in Minnesota, 216 feet long, and with the speed of sets, we've saved money on crane time and man hours already.”
The goal of the NAHB SAFE Awards program is to recognize the achievements of efforts made to successfully advance workplace safety in the construction industry.
“It is exciting to see home building professionals dedicated to workplace safety receive such a prestigious honor,” said J. Gary Hill, NAHB Construction Safety and Health Committee chairman and home builder from Winston-Salem, N.C. “I encourage all NAHB members to follow their lead in making safety a high priority and come to the IBS to learn how you can influence safety on your jobsites.”

All award winners will be honored during the “Builders Mutual Celebrates Safety” reception at the 2019 International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Feb. 19 from 3:30 to 5 p.m. in the inaugural IBS Jobsite Safety Zone on the show floor in the North Hall (booth N663).

Read the full article:  2018 SAFE Award Winners; Meet Them in the Safety Zone at IBS

Cynthia Hert
TrussLox LLC


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